Dynamo Xtreme Gainer


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Jacked Bro Dynamo Xtreme Gainer.
  1. Formulated with high-quality protein sources.
  2. Amazing Taste
  3. Added special ingredients.
  4. Gain Quality Weight.
  5. No soy added.
  6. Laboratory Tested.
Directions of Use :
Mix 3 scoops approx (150gms) with 250-350ml water or skimmed milk and shake well until dissolved. Adjust liquid as per your preference.
Product Description :
Dynamo Xtreme Gainer is a perfect combination of High-Quality Carbs blended with fast-acting protein. It supplies the extra calories you need to put on the added kilograms you want. A serving provides you 12.5 GMS Premium Quality Protein and 112.5 GMS Superior Quality Carbs. It has digestive enzymes and pre-biotics for maintaining a good balance of Digestion and a Healthy Gut. It is packed with Vitamins and Minerals which keeps you healthy and active all day.

Kesar Badam, Choco Banana


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