Captain’s Whey Protein


Jacked Bro Captain’s Whey Protein  | Serving Size 1 Scoop.

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Jacked Bro Captain’s Whey Protein
  1. Fast absorbing
  2. Amazing taste
  3. Gain lean muscle.
  4. Rich amino acid profile
  5. 100% whey no soy added.

Directions of Use:
Serving Size 1 Scoop. Serving Size: 36 Grams (1 Scoop) have 26gms of the high-quality concentrate-isolate whey protein blend.| Total Serving 27
Mix 1 Scoop (36 G Approx) as following:
1)220-300 ML Chilled Water for Mild Taste.
2)180-210 ML Chilled Water for Ideal Taste.
3)150-180 ML Chilled Water for Strong Taste.

Product Discription:

Jacked Bro Captain’s Whey Protein is a 100% blend of USA Imported Whey protein isolates and concentrates. An Ultrafiltered Fast Absorbing whey protein allows your body to quickly absorb the nutrients and restore energy.
It provides EAA’S that are vital for functions such as muscle protein synthesis, muscle recovery and nutrients absorption including BCAAs that are crucial for muscle growth.

An easy mixing, tasty and convenient way to get the protein you need to reach your athletic and fitness goals. Use it before and after exercise to promote lean muscle gains and support recovery. It is an ideal whey protein for being a Jacked Bro!


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