Ironic Mass Gainer


Jacked Bro Ironic Mass Gainer. | Serving Size 150 gms. (3 Scoops)

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Jacked Bro Ironic Mass Gainer.
  1. Formulated with high quality protein sources.
  2. Amazing Taste
  3. Added special ingredients.
  4. Gain True Muscle mass
  5. No soy added
Directions of Use :
Mix 3 scoops approx (150gms) with 250-350ml water or skimmed milk and shake well until dissolved. Adjust liquid as per your preference.
Product Description :
To gain muscle mass and bulk up, you need to consume lots of good quality calories and protein.The problem is that those desiring to gain muscle mass have a tough time getting those calories and nutrients from food alone.
Jacked Bro Ironic Mass gainer is an all in one supplement for “True Gains”, those who find it hard or next to impossible to gain muscle mass.
It is a premium quality mass gainer loaded with complex carbs and high quality protein in 4:1 ratio along with special ingredients creatine, tribulus terrestris, Ashwagandha, to maximize strength, increase serious muscle mass, faster muscle recovery and a boost of speed and energy. It also includes BCAAs Dietary fiber,Glutamine, Vitamins and minerals that further helps you in achieving balanced nutrition.
It contains no dextrose,sucrose,corn syrup or soy.
It is an Ideal Mass Gainer for being a Jacked Bro!

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